Thursday, April 11, 2013

Name that Sidekick Contest

                        The Get Out Girl and Super G are at it again, but we need your help


Since the publication of the South Jersey Writers Group’s first anthology, we’ve been very busy with marketing, books signings and panel discussions. We’ve sold 400 books since our book launch in December.

                   The Get Out Girl (Amy Hollinger) is preparing for the second anthology

 Super G (Marie Gilbert) and her sidekick (Dawn Byrne) will be taking on a more aggressive marketing approach in getting the anthology to the public. Wow, talk about goals!

 We need a name for my sidekick and I was thinking of having a contest to pick out a super heroine name for Dawn.

 So send your suggestions to the South Jersey Writers Group's Facebook page:

and if you win, we’ll send you and autographed copy of Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey.


You can only enter the contest once.

Play nice, no crudeness will be tolerated.
We're on the ride of a lifetime and speeding past every bump in the rode and detour sign

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