Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Signing at the Book Asylum


I love book stores, especially book stores that make great coffee and have good pastries.

                              Dawn and I having coffee and pastries at the Book Asylum. yummy!
                  On July 13th, Super D and Super G headed down the Black Horse Pike to sell copies of Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey at The Book Asylum Used Books and Café Shop. Dawn and I were greeted with open arms by the owners Rosemary and Jeff Moore.

                                        Super G with Rosemary Moore and her son, Jason.

                                           Jeff Moore, owner of Book Asylum and member of SJWG

                               We were soon joined by fellow authors: Bob Cook, here with Super D

                  Shelley Szajner, along with Shelley’s friend and editor, Jeanne M. Claypoole

 The ever perky, Kitty Bergeron in a photo from an earlier book signing, I didn't take a picture of Kitty at the book store, but she's just as cute in this photo. She's the sweetie pie in the middle.
                                       SJWG member and supporter Denise McGlinchey.
Several people stopped by including Amii Shalab who not only bought a book, but wants to join our group. She wants beautiful poetry and I was happy to read one of her proses. She's very good.
Bernadette also bought a book from us and even though she’s not from South Philly; she could fit right in with my old neighborhood and friends. Bernadette also bought a book.

I was excited to see my friend Uriah Young and his beautiful bride stop by to visit and buy a book. I posted a blog about this extremely talented young man. Keep an eye on Uriah; he’s going to be famous.
Jeff and Rosemary also bought books and will be selling our books in their store. We sold six books! This is a big deal for a  hot summer weekend.
I told Rosemary that I good a good feeling as soon as I walked into her shop. For my ghost hunting followers, you all know what this means. There are good spirits watching over that little book shop. Please stop by the Book Asylum, purchase a book, have some coffee and chat with the owners. You’ll be happy that  you did.



  1. thanks for the comments on your visit to Book Asylum. IT was great meeting all of you - and so nice to know we have authors in our area. I hope to see you again - and hopefully, by then I will have read your Tall Tales!

    1. Thank you Bernadette. We hope to stop by the Book Asylum, soon and maybe I'll see you there.


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