Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Day of Writing, Blogging, Schmoozing Over Coffee

By Marie Gilbert

I'm having some "me" time with my fellow members of the South Jersey Writers' Group. We are at Audubon, New Jersey's Treehouse Coffee Shop and we are all either working on our blogs, or learning how to set up a blog, or writing period. Amy Hollinger is at one table helping new bloggers set up their blogs and giving helpful hints on how to manage and share their posts.

While our president is busy doing this, Glenn Walker, better known around the writing community... oh okay... to the other members of South Jersey’s writing group as the ever patient, ever helpful, all knowing Patron Saint of Blogs, is helping the already established bloggers with any problems that we may have with our blogs.

Blogging is fun, especially, if you know what you’re doing and if you are somewhat tech savvy, but if you’re like me and a few of the other bloggers in our group, blogging is somewhat of a challenge; not the writing part, because I have plenty of ideas, but the settings, links and whatnots that help you to share or enhance your blog. This is where St. Glenn Walker, shines!

He helps everyone sitting at his table with whatever questions they have, and let me tell you, we all appreciate his help, and glancing over to the other table where Amy is helping the new bloggers, I’m seeing three very happy faces. Amy has launched a new troop of bloggers. Welcome aboard!

If you are a writer and you want to publish or have already published a book then you need to promote yourself by blogging, Facebooking, Twittering and Googling and you should belong to a writers’ group. Trust me, this is important.

Writers who attended today’s blogging meet-up: Victoria Marie Lees, Robert Repici, Kahlil Weston, Rosanna Martella, Loretta Sisco, Krista Magrowski, Linda Deininger, Kevin Stephany, Robert Schmus, Katrina Janco, Michael Christopher, Alex Jones, Patti O’Brien, Bob Cook, Marie Gilbert, and of course our heroes for today, Amy Hollinger and Glenn Walker.

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