Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SJWG Member Roundup for August 2015

Compiled by Jessica A. Walsh, Mieke Zamora-Mackay, and Glenn Walker

There is so much talent in the South Jersey Writers Group, and as we've mentioned in the past, so many bloggers. And many of these bloggers produce content on a fairly frequent basis, so we thought it would be a cool idea to highlight some of each month's more intriguing and interesting blog posts and present them here.

Please give a click and a read, and we hope you will like the samples enough to become regular readers. Check them out!

Kristin Battestella reviewed four Arthurian enchantments. King Arthur fans should check these out.

Dawn Byrne shared a brief but eloquent story about how she knows when she’s home.

Joanne Costantino shared her wisdom about the importance of letting go in her post, “Repurposing Bitterness, Cutting Loose the Emotional Ball and Chain.”

Jennifer M. Eaton posted a wrap-up of the ten-week series with guest author Donna Galanti on getting your manuscript past the gatekeeper. In this post you will find links to all ten parts, including topics such as character development, world-building and pacing and tension. Very helpful stuff!

While MK England awaits exciting news, she distracted herself by participating in the #PimpMyBio Contestant Blog Hop and elaborated on who she is, throwing in some .gifs for fun!

Mark Galarrita writes first drafts of short fiction and he’s posted another one this month called, “It’s Really Not a Big Move.”

Ron Geraci lost his mother to lung cancer on August 16. She was his best friend and best editor, and we offer Ron our deepest condolences. He wrote a beautiful tribute to his mother and posted information for how you can donate in her memory to the Joan Geraci Memorial Scholarship fund, which will help to support a Rutgers University student at the School of Social Work in Camden in New Brunswick.

Everyone's favorite Steampunk Granny, Marie Gilbert, had her first book signing since Saving Solanda, the second book in her Roof Oasis series, was published. She changed her look for this novel and her robot companion, Patty, who stars in the series, was dressed to match!

Jessica is breaking the rules here and simply linking to Sarah Hawkins-Miduski’s August posts because how can she possibly choose one Disneyland post out of five!? All the food, all the photos - she is ready to pack her bags and leave this roundup mid-sentence. Who else wants to stow away in Sarah’s luggage?

New member Jessica Hunter shared some excellent advice for dealing with writer’s block. Take it scene by scene.

Funny man James Knipp wrote about current events in a sense with his post on the awkward conversations thousands of men are having with their wives this month thanks to hackers.

Victoria M. Lees talked about restructuring her memoir over at her Adventures in Writing blog.

Lisen Minetti wrote an open letter to literary agents, examined her dreams, and fought in the Pitch Wars.

Gail Priest wrote a terrific blog post on her Three Tips for Getting back to Writing.

In between gigs in New Jersey and Ohio, Robin Renee continued to record with her podcast partners at Audacious Eleven this month for four new episodes. You can check them out here.

Randy Ribay has had a busy August, was interviewed by Geekadelphia right here, and is prepping for the release of his first book, An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes, on October 16th.

Kevin Stephany reviews Merrily We Roll Along presented by the Burlington County Footlighters.

Loretta Sisco shares the plight of the poor old black cat. Show a black cat some love on Black Cat Appreciation Day.

Our dear Vince Sparks haplessly finds himself in the middle of the US Women’s World Cup ticker tape parade.

Author Cassandra Ulrich shares with us why she wrote A Beautiful Girl.

As writers, it is incumbent upon us to elevate our writing to a professional and mature level. Rich Voza shares a few examples of how to show that your piece is written by a grown up.

Glenn Walker and the team at Biff Bam Pop! honor the late Wes Craven.

Jessica A. Walsh continues her journey of self discovery through her empowering post "Story-telling: The Work 101."

Inspiration Sunday returns to Mieke Zamora-Mackay's blog, Love and Joy, in the hot month of August.

We hope you liked this month's selections from SJWG member blogs, and will not only read more at their respective sites, but also come back here next month for more. Don't forget to Like the South Jersey Writers at Facebook, Follow us at Twitter, and check us out on Pinterest. Thank you!


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