Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Warrior Heart by Laura J. Kaighn

What if?

What if you’re driving along an isolated, forested road and discovered a body?

What if that victim was injured, still alive? What if the man wasn’t even human?

Thus begins storyteller Laura J. Kaighn's epic science fiction series centered about an unlikely pair of characters: one a human woman from 1999, the other a Vesar warrior from 2105 AD. This is their journey - through time and space, across alien worlds and despite the prejudices their many differences pose...

The G.A.V. Pompeii, a jack-of-all-trades spaceship, serves the Galactic Alliance –a community of three races: humans, Tloni and Vesar. In this first installment to the Vesar Warrior Legacy, the Pompeii’s crew must stop the Orthops from changing history, even if it means single-handedly traveling to the alien race’s homeworld. Their mission: to prevent the giant insects from constructing and using another time machine.

After Vesarius is accidently thrust back in time to Earth of 1999, the Vesar warrior meets a school teacher who rescues Vesarius and helps him return to his universe of 2105. But when Dorinda is subsequently trapped in that future, the pair’s adventures together truly begin. Join Vesarius and Dorinda as they travel into galactic turmoil!

Laura J. Kaighn, of Lady Hawke Storytelling, has been writing and sharing her stories since childhood. Her favorites deal with nature, both human and wild! Combining her loves of science, animals, astronomy and her own American Indian heritage, Laura naturally found herself writing her first science fiction novel back in 1991. Little did she realize, at the time, those efforts would lead to a complete series of ten volumes!

The Vesar Warrior Legacy is the result of Laura’s dedication to story, character and conflict. May Vesarius’ and Dorinda’s journey, dreams and desires make a positive impact in our world today...

On April 16th, check out the official book launch party at the Book Asylum Bookstore and Café in Blackwood NJ, from 1-3pm. Along with an open reading and book sale, there will be prizes for science fiction fans. Laura will test your knowledge in a fun quiz. On April 23rd, there’s the 2016 West Deptford Township Book Festival at the Riverwinds Community Center in West Deptford NJ, from 10am- 4pm. For Laura's summer storytelling program, check out here website here.

Warrior Heart: Book One of the Vesar Warrior Legacy is now available through Amazon and B&N.com! Keep an eye out for Warrior Spirit, Warrior Trial, and Warrior Fury, books two through four of the Vesar Warrior Legacy, coming soon!


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