Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Outing for Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey



Here we go again and hopefully there will be no snowstorms to hamper our adventure.

Come visit the authors from the South Jersey Writer's Group at the Maple Shade Library on Wednesday, February 6th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. for our book signing and discussion panel for the very popular short story anthology Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey.

We'll have a grand old time and you'll get to hear about our adventures in getting this book published and as an extra treat, we will do a few select readings from the book. Books will cost 10.00 to purchase

So don't be shy, come on out and visit us at the Maple Shade Library at 200 Stiles Ave. 08052


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Book Signing and Snow Storms


We had a Book Signing Event this past Friday at the Sweet T's Bakeshop in Haddonfield.


                                                 Everything was set to go.


                                                          Then it snowed.


                                 Several of the Authors made it through the storm

                                                                  Jim, Dawn, Barb
Dawn and marie
 and one loyal follower who happens to be Audubon's Official Poet. Craig E. Burgeess bought one of our books and spent some time with us.
                                                         Bill, Jean and Craig E. Burgeess

He was our only show, but that's okay, there will be more book signings coming up and we will keep you posted. We should get a bigger crowd next time because of........


                                                      ....The great pastries at Sweet T's


Interview with the Delightfully Talented K. A. Magrowski

Author Krista  Magrowski is a member of the South Jersey Writers' Group and one of the writers featured in Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey. So let me take this moment to introduce the delightfully talented Krista Magrowski.

 Story:Apparitions of Murder

Tell us a little about yourself.

Like many people, I wear a lot of hats - wife, mom, trainer, gamer, and of course, writer.

What got you interested in writing and when did you start?

I've been writing since I started penning angsy poetry as a teenager and have been working off and on since then.One day, I just needed an outlet and I took up a pen and notebook and haven't looked back.

What type of stories do you enjoy writing?

Mostly fantasy and horror. I just finished final edits on my first completed novel and have begun querying agents.

Where do you get your inspiration for your stories?

Usually in the shower. Really! It's amazing how warm water beating on bare skin can inspire me or help solve a plot or character issue. I also read a lot of fiction and non-fiction and get ideas from TV documentaries.

Why did you pick this particular story for our anthology?

I wanted to send in something spooky and local and this fit the bill. I also really liked Dan's character since as a fifty-something widower, he's unlike anything I've written before.

What advice can you give to our readers who are interested in writing and getting their book published?

Read, keep your ears and eyes open to the world around you, learn grammar and spelling. Have fun with your stories. Don't be afraid of falling!

Is it important for new writers to join a writer’s group and why?

I think it's helpful provided the writer finds the right group - people who can be supportive and critical at the same time. This important combination will help the writer grow and not be afraid to make mistakes, to try new things and to keep learning.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interview with the Author of Jack and Jill, Volume One

Hello dear followers of Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey. We have amazingly talented people in our South Jersey Writers Group and one of them is Jennifer M. Eaton who besides being featured in the short story anthology is also featured in other anthologies, and Drum Roll, please! Jennifer has published her first book. Let me introduce you to the talented Jennifer M. Eaton
When did these characters first appear on the page?


I found out about the Still Moments Anthology call for submissions through a friend.  I wasn’t a Romance writer, so I was originally going to pass.  Then I decided, “What the heck, let’s see if I can do it.”  It was Romance, so I needed a guy and a girl. (Yeah, that’s a pesky requirement, isn’t it?) I decided to make Jill a single mom while I was writing the first paragraph, because a kid magically appeared, and I needed her Mommy to be “available” for the romance angle -- so I decided to be mean and give her a divorce.  The crux of the story had to do with a Christmas wish, and I thought it would be fun to have the wish sort-of backfire … enter the male best friend, Jack.


How have they evolved in this new book?


 In Jack and Jill Volume One, you see them come full circle from best friends, to making a commitment about their relationship.  This is a little harder than your normal fly-by-night dating scenario, because they both know that if it doesn’t work out, the chances of going back to being best friends are slim.  They find out quickly that, even though they tell each other everything as friends, there are things about each of them that the other doesn’t know, and it will make dating not quite what either of them expected.


Will there be another book about Jack and Jill?


Oh, you noticed that “Volume One,” did you?  Yes, this is the first in a series.  Moving forward, you will be able to read their story chronicled through a different holiday for each month.  Volume one is December (Christmas) and January (New Year’s).  The next book will be Valentine’s Day, followed by St Patrick’s Day. You get the idea.  I am not super-woman, though, so you won’t see all these volumes this year.  I need sleep, you know!


What other projects are you working on?


Oh, tons! Like I said, Jack and Jill was a bit of a surprise, and Romance is not normally my genre, so I am busy in a lot of other areas. At the moment I am shopping a Paranormal “first in series” called Une Variante about shape-shifters.  It’s great fun and I love the world I’ve created.  I am also polishing my first Young Adult novel, “Fire in the Woods,” which I hope so be submitting to publishers by Spring 2013. I have also just started a Young Adult Urban Fantasy tentatively titled “The First Day of the New Tomorrow.”  This is for an anthology, but if I go over on the maximum number of words, I think it will make a great stand-alone Novella.  I am also flirting with an idea for a dystopian sequel to my story “Last Winter Red”.  This all on top of the ten Jack and Jill stories waiting to be written.  Yep.  I’m a busy gal.


Thanks so much for having me, Marie.  I really appreciate it, and a little gnome told me that you picked up a copy of “Jack and Jill, Volume One”.  I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know what you think!


Yes, I did and can’t wait to read it!!


Jennifer Eaton lives on the East Coast USA with her husband, three boys, and a pepped up poodle.  She hosts an interactive website aimed at making all writers the best they can be. 

Jack and Jill Volume One:  Jill stumbles back into the dating world after twelve years of motherhood.  But things have changed a lot since the last time she dated.  Jack and Jill stories follow the challenges of a woman holding on to traditional values in a world that has evolved without her. Now that she has found the man of her dreams, will Jill be able to hold on to him without compromising what she believes in?

Enclosure links: 

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 Twitter:  @jennifermeaton


Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Interview with the Charismatic John Farquhar


Author John Farquhar is a member of the South Jersey Writers Group and one of the very talented writers in our anthology. His stories are so funny that I can see them winding up as a sitcom on T.V.
Story: Bad Day for Santa

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is John Farquhar. I was born in England, of Irish parents, and my surname is Scottish in origin. It took me 10 years to learn how to spell my surname, but it has become much more mainstream since the advent of the great Lord Farquhart in Shrek 1, who is one of my heroes. I was educated at Liverpool University, and St. John’s College, Oxford. I teach languages and literature at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and Temple University in Philadelphia.

What got you interested in writing and when did you start?

My writing career began with stories published in student magazines in Oxford.

What type of stories do you enjoy writing?

Comic writing has always come most naturally to me. I enjoy making fun of myself, and adore making fun of others. The comedy is usually generous, unless I am in a particularly bad mood. I feel that comedy can and should raise issues about life, death, religion, and relationships. My aim is always how to achieve that without getting either stuffy or shallow.

Where do you get your inspiration for your stories?

I’m inspired by everyone I listen to. That’s all I do: listen to the conversation of others and make mental notes of their comic potential. This is not as creepy as it sounds- it’s what all writers do. Like many writers, I only join in life if I’m absolutely forced to.

Why did you pick this particular story for the anthology?

Bad Day for Santa: I’d like this to become part of the Christmas tradition. I think the spirit of Christmas has changed since A Christmas Carol, and I just wanted to reflect this.

What advice can you give to our readers who are interested in writing and getting their book published?

I am the last person in the world to give advice on how to get published. My first novel, written when I was a student, was acclaimed as ‘brilliant’, ‘highly original’, and ‘hugely talented’ by some leading publishers. None of them published it, as they felt the market would be too small. It remains unpublished, as do my other novels, though some short stories and a play had a little more joy. Again, like most writers, the pleasure comes from the creativity and, as Samuel Beckett says, leaving a stain on the silence. Sometimes I think my writing is wonderful; sometimes I find it valueless. This probably explains why I am not good at marketing.

Is it important for new writers to join a writer’s group and why?

Writing groups are wonderful, as you have a good chance of being understood there and it’s an ideal way to share your work and ‘market’ it before you take on the bad boys. I am very grateful to the South Jersey Writer’s Group for listening to me, and most of all, letting me listen to them. You wouldn’t believe the thousands of mental notes, I have taken, and stored away, for future use.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Update on Book Signing Event for 1/25/2013


                                                    Hello dear readers.

                                        due to technical mishaps beyond our control


we will need to change the location of our big Book Signing Event for Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey

The book signing panel discussion and select readings will now take place at the

Sweet T's Bakeshop
14 Kings Court
Haddonfield, N. J. 08033


Hope to see you all on Friday, January 25th 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

                                   We apologize for any inconvenience


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Save the Date!!


Oh, the weather outside is frightful...not fact the weather has been balmy for these parts. So you shouldn't have any excuses not to come to our book signing event.


What book?

I'm talking about this great anthology of short stories put together by some rather talented writers. The book is called Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey.


January 25th is a Friday and that is a great night to go out and come visit us.


The Quarter Note Cafe on 57 E. Kings Highway, Audubon, N.J. 08106


From 6 p.m to 8 p.m.

The cafe is known for it's great food and coffee and they even have ice cream, yummy.

Come party with us and find out what set us on the road to getting this book published. We will be having a discussion portion set aside for anyone interested in the art of writing. The book is only ten dollars and we will entertain you with select readings from the book.


So...get out that calendar and pencil and mark the date!


Interview with the fabulous Jennifer M. Eaton

              Author Jennifer M. Eaton is a member of the South Jersey Writers’ Group and besides being part of the Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey Anthology, she also has other works published. Why don't I let her tell you herself. Presenting Jennifer M. Eaton

 Story: Hold on 'Til the End

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’ve lived in the Garden State since I was about a week old. I transplanted from North Jersey when I was ten, to the Central Jersey Shore until I was in my early twenties, and now I hobble around in parts unknown. I love all sorts of out-doorsy things, like hiking, bicycling, and snorkeling. I’ve never met a fish I didn’t like. In fact, I have gills and a tail, but I try to hide it in specially made jeans. Don’t tell anyone, okay?


What got you interested in writing and when did you start?

I started writing in High School. I’ve always had an over-active imagination…you know, daydreaming and all. One day, I decided to start writing those daydreams down. I ended writing one chapter a night and having my friends read it every day of school. I loved how excited they were to get new chapters. I was hooked, and it helped me forget that I was the only kid in school with fins.


What type of stories do you enjoy writing?

Writing is an adventure for me. I like writing things that are far removed from anything I would call reality. Call it escapism. It’s my version of fun. I enjoy creating new worlds from scratch, so if I am on earth, it is usually dystopian. Otherwise, we travel off to far away planets where the sky’s the limit. Ahhh great fun. And I get to create people with fins there, so I don’t feel like such an outcast.


Where did you get your inspiration for your stories?

Ummmm.  Dementia? I honestly don’t know. Freaky things pop into my head, and I spit them out onto the paper. Go with the flow, you know what I mean?


Why did you pick this particular story for our anthology?

Most of my stuff is very long and not suitable to an anthology. I like creating big, epic worlds that take high-page count to create. As a writing exercise, I frequently write five minute flash fiction. Once in a while I shoot out something that surprises me. “Hold on Til the End” was one of those little surprises. It’s more of a poem than a story (at least from my perspective). I always go back and look at it, and such a wonderful image comes to mind. I was happy there was somewhere that I could show off this little gem.

What advice can you give to our readers who are interested in writing and getting their book published?

Work and work hard. Figure out what you don’t know, or what you do poorly and make friends who are good at it. Don’t be afraid to admit that you stink, but once you do, dive in with all your heart to make yourself better. It is great and sometimes easy to come up with the perfect idea, but the craft of expressing that idea in a way to captivate someone else is an art form. It talks time and effort…and most of all, dedication and belief in yourself. You need to believe that you can overcome any obstacle…even having finsJ


Is it important for new writers to join a writer’s group and why?

Yeah, I think it is. For me, it was great to get out there and meet others…partially to convince myself that I wasn’t a freak, because there are no creative people in my life. Normally introverted, it helped me to build some confidence, and helped me to learn about opportunities to meet published authors. South Jersey Writer’s Group was my stepping stone to “getting out there”. Honestly, I was terrified when I walked into my first session…but I loved it and they accepted me, despite of my gills and quirky sense of humor.

Jennifer lives on the East Coast USA with her husband, three boys, and a pepped up poodle. She hosts an interactive website aimed at making all writers the best they can be.

Her Dystopian novelette “Last Winter Red” is available as part of the “Make Believe” Anthology from J. Taylor Publishing. Her Christmas Romance “Connect the Dots” is available as part of Still Moments publishing’s “For the Love of Christmas” Anthology. Both are available in ebook format from and

Last Winter Red: In search of a husband, Emily leaves the safety of the city and risks her life stepping into the outside world. What she finds there will question the foundation of everything she believes in.

Connect the Dots: Jill has no idea what she wants for Christmas, but when it looks like her best friend Jack is going to get exactly what he asks for, Jill makes a Christmas wish that will change both of their lives forever.

Hold on Til the End: is a poetic short story with a symbolic depiction of one holding on to the past during the inevitable change of future.

Twitter @jennifermeaton

Sunday, January 6, 2013

An Interview With the Accomplished Kitty Bergeron


Author Kitty Bergeron is a member of the South Jersey Writers' Group and a very talented young lady. So let me not keep you waiting and jump right into this interview with our youngest member. Kitty wrote the story Phone Call.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I am a writer. I find writing today to be exceptionally bland and terribly-done, and the literary industry all about dogmatic rules and guidelines. Basically, I am the naysayer who hates everything. Except ice cream. That is some good stuff.

What got you interested in writing and when did you start?

In sixth grade, I became incredibly lonely and depressed. And I always had this story playing in my head when I was daydreaming or couldn’t sleep. So, after I wrote that story down, new ideas began to flourish, and I haven’t stopped since.

What type of stories do you enjoy writing?

I like to write stories that make people think. I like to make people uncomfortable, and I like to nurture those who never felt like the belonged, no matter how many times they that claimed they loved those who weren’t afraid to be different; the freaks among freaks. That is what has coined me the nickname ‘the Lady Gaga of literature’ from friends.

Where do you get your inspiration for your stories?

I am a very visual person, so any time of photography, fashion, or movies. However, I am also a music junkie. And oddly, I get the least inspiration from books, as now when reading, I’m always criticizing the writing. I used to critique as I read, but ever since I started writing, it’s gotten so much worse. I am the BS detector; I will always find your mistakes and make sure you know about them.

Why did you pick this particular story for our anthology?

 I picked it out because it was the least ‘explicit’ story I had.

What advice can you give to our readers who are interested in writing and getting their book published?

Well, as I haven’t had any books published yet, I don’t think I should be giving out advice just yet! However, for writing—always strive for improvement. Find people whom you trust and respect to look and critique your work. Don’t get caught up in pleasing the popular kids in the literary industry. Just be yourself, and don’t let anyone ever try to conform you into being someone more ‘mainstream.’ The only thing being safe has brought into the world is blandness and censorship.

Is it important for new writers to join a writer's group and why?

It really depends on the writer and what stage they are in with their writing. If they’re not isn’t very confident in what they’re doing, I think having the support of a writing group, whether it be online or in-person, is very helpful.