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Are you a writer in the South Jersey area and looking for a group of like-minded individuals for support, discussion, critique, organization, and community? The South Jersey Writers' Group may be for you. Some of what we're about can be found here.

Now, as opposed to having seasonal openings in membership as we have in the past, the South Jersey Writers' Group will now be permanently open for membership. Memberships in the group are $25.00 per year, discount available for students. This fee helps to pay for our meeting spaces, some events, author speaking engagements, social events, and much more. There is also a free two-month trial membership if you'd like to try out the group first - details a little further down.

You will need to sign up for an account at, as that's the site we use to handle schedules, memberships, and payments. Once you are on Meetup, search for 'South Jersey Writers' Group,' and click on 'join.'

Most months we feature the regular monthly meeting that sometimes has speakers, discussions, workshops, and demonstrations, and we also have Write-In work sessions (open to the public), Critique Sessions, Blogfests (also open to the public), contests, book signings, field trips, retreats, and open mikes. That's not even mentioning the social aspect and advantage of networking with other writers.

So come on by, share our links, and invite others to join. New members are welcome to join for a 60-day trial period. This will grant you access to the website and our event schedule. In the two-month trial membership you'll have time to check us out and give the group a spin to see if it's a good fit for your needs. Dues will need to be paid within 60 days, or they will automatically be removed. Your online dues payments will be handled by WePay and New members may also join at any time, so spread the word!

All the group details can be found here. We also have our blog right here, check our events calendar here, the Facebook page, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter. Join the community!

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