Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SJWG Member Roundup for September 2015

Compiled by Jessica A. Walsh, Mieke Zamora-Mackay, and Glenn Walker

There is so much talent in the South Jersey Writers Group, and as we've mentioned in the past, so many bloggers. And many of these bloggers produce content on a fairly frequent basis, so we thought it would be a cool idea to highlight some of each month's more intriguing and interesting blog posts and present them here.

Please give a click and a read, and we hope you will like the samples enough to become regular readers. Check them out!

Kristin Battestella reviews some interesting Spooky, Suspenseful, Short-Lived Shows.

Dawn Byrne shares a lovely memory of Grandma in Brown Vinyl and Gray Drawers.

Joanne Costantino honors a lovely lady named Kathy.

Fire in the Woods by Jennifer M. Eaton is up for an award!

South Jersey Muicipal Liason MK England's got some pretty cool printables for NaNoWriMo.

Jord Fox is letting go and redirecting his efforts to something better.

Steampunk Granny Marie Gilbert reminds us that when we jump off ledges, we give ourselves a chance to soar.

Barb Godshalk welcomes September… Well, sort of…

Sarah Hawkins-Miduski presents an 'apples to apples' comparison of attractions at Disneyland vs. Disney World. Which on reigns supreme?

New member, Jessica Hunter, shares 6 Exercises To Find your Character’s Voice.

Victoria M. Lees shared her ideas for the beginning of her memoir and asked her readers for some opinions regarding at what point in her life to drop the reader. Beginnings are tough.

K.A. Magrowski reviewed At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past over at her “sort of blog” Literary Debauchery.

New member Peter N. Milligan, author of Bulls Before Breakfast, shared his interview with NPR about his book.

Robin Renee wrote about her recent travels, traveling companion and how she navigates polyamory. Also check out the post for some upcoming tour dates.

Randy Ribay debuted his first novel, An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes. Check out the book trailer, then be sure to pick it up.

Kevin Stephany memorialized Nobel Prize winning author William Golding.

Loretta Sisco toured the memorabilia of monsters and serial killers here and here.

Shelley Szajner published a short story in one of the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies. You can buy Dreams and Premonitions here.

Rich Voza posted two more chapters of his work in progress, Dreamlands, here and here.

With the new TV season in full swing, Glenn Walker has picked up reviewing "The Flash," "Doctor Who," "Arrow," and "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Jessica A. Walsh continued to uplift us all with her blog, The Cracking Nut, teaching us the language of love and support, and reminding us that meeting our goals is possible and attainable

We hope you liked this month's selections from SJWG member blogs, and will not only read more at their respective sites, but also come back here next month for more. Don't forget to Like the South Jersey Writers at Facebook, Follow us at Twitter, and check us out on Pinterest. Thank you!

Monday, October 12, 2015

SJWG Names a New Vice President and Trustee for Programs

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that the South Jersey Writers' Group has a new Vice President and Trustee for Programs. 

We are happy to introduce long-time member and co-editor of the Reading Glasses anthology, Jessica A. Walsh, as the new Vice President and Trustee for Programs. 

Photo Credit: The Cracking Nut

Jessica, a data and communications manager for a not-for-profit organization, brings excellent communication and organizational skills to the table.  She offers new ideas and fresh perspective on how the group can better serve the needs of our members.  We look forward to working with Jessica over the next two trustee terms.

Jessica writes the inspirational blog, The Cracking Nut, and is a contributor to The South Jersey Writers' Group blog.

Jessica will be taking over the position from Krista Magrowski, who will be taking over as President from Amy Holiday.

As we welcome Jessica to the trustee team, we give a resounding round of applause with thanks and gratitude to Amy Holiday, for all the years of exemplary leadership and dedication to the membership. Thank you for making the South Jersey Writers' Group into what it is today.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Collingswood Book Festival

By Sarah Hawkins Miduski

Bibliophiles had a sense of deja vu as they approached The Collingswood Book Festival this year.  

It appears that Mother Nature firmly believes that books are meant to be indoors. 

Although New Jersey avoided a hurricane, the day was drizzly and windy enough to require the book festival to be indoors, just like last year.

There were plenty of books for sale, both used, and new

,but it seemed that the threat of ominous weather scared some of the used vendors away. 

Loompaland was a big hit with the kids. The giant bubble wand, brought by the Garden State Discovery Museum, was pretty cool.

Also pretty cool, was South Jersey Writers’ Group member Laura J. Kaighn. 

She was in Loompaland selling her books (Earth Child:The E.D. Piper Chronicles and Rabbit's Tale & Other Rites of Passage) and entertaining the kids with her storytelling.

The SJWG had a table shared with publisher, Hypothetical Press.  Copies of Tall Tales and Short Stories, and Reading Glasses, waited to be brought home by eager readers. 

SJWG President Amy Hollinger did a great job organizing the group’s table. Members John Farquhar (What toExpect When You’re Dead) and Gregg Feistman (The War Merchants) were hard at work selling books and talking to potential group members. 

Many SJWG members came throughout the day to volunteer at the group table.

With all of the various meetings and groups within the group, it's difficult to know everyone in the SJWG, so the SJWG buttons and t-shirts were a great way to spot fellow members.

New group member, Peter N. Milligan, had copies of his book, Bulls Before Breakfast, for sale.  

Peter is an energetic guy. I could see him hosting his own travel show someday.

Of course no book event would be complete without Steampunk Granny, Marie Gilbert. Group member/writer Dawn Byrne kept Steampunk Granny company since she was oh so far away from the SJWG table. Marie had an impressive table that was stacked with copies of Roof Oasis, and the newly released Saving Solanda, the second book in the Roof Oasis series. I also think she wins the prize for best author outfit.

Representing the Young Adult genre, was group member Randy Ribay. His book, An InfiniteNumber of Parallel Universes, was recently featured on Barnes and Nobles’ Most Anticipated YA books coming out in October.   

In addition to striking some great signing poses, 

Randy participated in a YA Panel Discussion, Realistic Fiction: Navigating the Teen Years.  

It was an interesting mix of authors, and the discussion ranged from the authors’ personal writing methods, to what types of books they read as kids. It was such a good panel, everyone had to be kicked out to make way for the next panel.

All of the volunteers, did a great job organizing The Collingswood Book Festival, especially with the last minute venue change due to the weather.  It was a great time for the writers and the readers, though I still think it’s more alive and vibrant when it is held outdoors. Hopefully Mother Nature will grant the festival beautiful sunny skies next year.

Now comes the most difficult task faced by all attendees on the day after The Collingswood Book Festival, what to read first.