Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SJWG Membership Is Open!

Our great new logo by member Shelley Szajner
Welcome Writers!

Are you a writer in the South Jersey area and looking for a group of like-minded individuals for support, discussion, critique, organization, and community? The South Jersey Writers' Group may be for you. Some of what we're about can be found here.

2012's anthology by the SJWG
Now through the end of the year, the South Jersey Writers' Group is open for membership. Memberships in the group are $25.00 per year, discounted for students. This fee helps to pay for our meeting spaces, some events, author speaking engagements, the party at the end of the year, and much more.

Most months we feature the regular meeting that sometimes has speakers, discussions, workshops, and demonstrations, and we also have Write-Ins, Critique Sessions, Blogfests, contests, book signings, field trips, retreats, and open mikes. That's not even mentioning the social aspect of chilling with other writers.

You can pay by attending the main meetings before the end of the year including our main meeting on Thursday, November 21st - our Creativity and the Drive to Write event with speaker Merry Jones. Cash or check accepted by the group organizers.

Or you can simply click on the "Pay Online" button, under "2014 Annual Dues," on the left side of the screen at the South Jersey Writers' Group website. Or, to make things easy, you can just click right here right now. The payment will be taken from your credit card at Amazon Payments.

Amy Hollinger and Jennifer M. Eaton at a SJWG event
If you have already paid, thank you, and we'll see you throughout the year. And if you haven't paid yet, thank you in advance, or thank you for considering the South Jersey Writers Group!

And also apologies for further notices that may come in your email - Meetup doesn't allow us to select just those who haven't paid. If you get one after you've paid, just peruse it for further announcements, but ignore the membership reminder. Sound like a plan?

Also, please check out the website for a full calendar of events, resources, and our discussion boards. All the group details can be found here. We also have a blog, a Facebook page, and Twitter. Join the community!

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