Friday, February 14, 2014

The Mad Writer

Presenting the next in a series spotlighting various members of the South Jersey Writers' Group - today's guest blog is by Kahlil Weston.

My writing style is based on black humor. I consider myself a dark writer. I really get off verbally smashing and dismantling people when I go into battle writer's mode. My style of writing will either have your jaw dropping about what I said or I'm socially mentally unstable as a writer. I'm prepared for the fallout if you think I'm "The World's Worst Writer." I believe in myself that I'm "The World's Greatest Writer."

I get a kick out of people when they think they got the last laugh on me and I hit them with the element of surprise and verbally shred them in my book. Be careful when you cross me you might end up in the book. That warrants a response to let you know why "The Mad Writer" had gone mad.

I treat writing on so many angles. I use it as an escape. I have no rules to writing and I break them all. If you think you can't be touched guess again. I can go ten pages long and it's like a journalist writing their report except I'm not on a deadline. It's kick ass and there's no need to ask questions later. Silencing my enemies when they see me is rewarding. Silence is golden especially when they can't counter a scathing ten-page attack.

I got the influence to write again and go professional with writing when I got to meet and kiss Mika Brzezinski. Doing that lit that fire for me to type again.

I write pretty obnoxious but I don't care. If I don't write crazy then I would go crazy. All I got to see is the dumb shit that goes on in my life or America and I can spin that metaphor. My nickname is Wes, but my other aliases to writing is "The World's Greatest Writer" and "The Mad Writer." There has to be a villain running around that people need to channel their dislike to and it's a role I grew accustomed to. I guess I'm the black sheep to the South Jersey Writers' Group. To sum it up...


About today's guest-blogger:

Kahlil Weston has authored three books (all mature content), "
The Kahlil Weston Hour," "The Wes Daddy Mack Hour," and "The Young and the Wesless" "I consider myself a different breed of a writer. I wrote with no rules and everything within my realm is fair game. When I have a bone to pick I consider myself a battle writer. I have started my own publishing company called Mad Writer Publishing. My goal with my publishing company is to publish books for writers whose last name isn't Weston."

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