Sunday, May 25, 2014

Roof Oasis by Marie Gilbert

Marie Gilbert is one of the most beloved members of the South Jersey Writers' Group. She has been instrumental in the birth and maintenance of this blog, as well as being one of our biggest boosters and sellers of the SJWG anthology Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey, in which her craft is also featured.

You've also seen her work at Biff Bam Pop! every week. There the Steampunk Granny regularly reviews cool stuff like episode by episode recaps of "The Walking Dead," "Bates Motel," "True Blood," and "Orphan Black" among others.

Marie also writes for Go Jane News, her interviews and ghost investigations are top notch, and has aided me in several blog tours. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is an inspiration to us all. Marie rocks, and we love her, but now we have an extra special reason to be proud of our Steampunk Granny - she's now a published novelist.

Let me tell you all about Roof Oasis. Marie Gilbert's first novel is the tale of twins Michael and Lucy caught in a world devastated by bio-warfare that has inadvertently created zombies. As the hordes of the seemingly undead close in, the twins find that their only salvation may lie within a Victorian mirror hidden in the attic of their family home. You can read more about the novel here.

Roof Oasis: An Apocalyptic Tale (Volume 1), by Marie Gilbert, is available as a paperback from Amazon here and soon on Kindle. The cover design and illustration is by fellow SJWG member Shelley Szajner. Details about the upcoming book release party in June can be found here. Check out this great new novel by this terrific author.

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  1. Glenn, this is the sweetest surprise to wake up to, ever. Thank you so very much for this promotion. I can't thank you enough and I'm so very happy that Katrina introduced me to this fabulous group. Together we will pull, drag, and push all our members to success. You are the best!!!


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