Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Words in My Head by Zhäriya' Amani

By Kahlil Weston

I want to announce my publishing company called Mad Writer Publishing. It's a company that I founded and I'm assembling a roster and staff. If you're interested in bringing out a book, you can reach me at @KahlilDelgado on Twitter or you can contact Kahlil Weston or the president of my company Johnnie Thomas El on Facebook. Tracy Clark is the COO to my company and has a subsidiary division called "The Clark Administration" Publishing. My publishing logo exemplifies the personality of the company.

Zhäriya' Amani's book, Words in My Head, is officially live. All those interested, holla at your boy or Johnnie Thomas El or Zhäriya' Beautiful Jones. Thanks to Eric Jackson for the help with the cover. Whoever wants to have a book published come and see me.

Zhäriya' Amani is a very talented tenth grader who has been writing for three years. She's been published in Stars in Our Heart: Symbols by Word Poetry Movement, and is a resident of Camden NJ. The book, Words in My Head, is a compilation of eighteen select pieces from the poet. Cover design by Kahlil Weston and Eric Jackson. It can be purchased at Amazon here.

A launch party for the book will be held at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Camden NJ on Saturday, July 12th, from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM. Come out and show your support! $10 for admission and food, $15 for admission, food, and an autographed book. There will be food, drinks, great music, raffles, special performances, a sneak-peak, and plenty of copies there to buy!

About today's guest-blogger:

Kahlil Weston has authored three books (all mature content), "
The Kahlil Weston Hour," "The Wes Daddy Mack Hour," and "The Young and the Wesless" "I consider myself a different breed of a writer. I wrote with no rules and everything within my realm is fair game. When I have a bone to pick I consider myself a battle writer. I have started my own publishing company called Mad Writer Publishing. My goal with my publishing company is to publish books for writers whose last name isn't Weston."

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